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Book I – The Desert

On the summer solstice that marks the end of everything they’ve known, Tennessee, Angelis, Jude and Quintin, a group of unlikely friends, will enter a world that will grant them extraordinary abilities. A hunger for absolute power will test their friendship. The search for answers to the mystery of what… 

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Book II – The Island

Six months have passed since Tennessee, Quintin and Angelis escaped the astral realm of the Desert. Now living on a secluded tropical Island with the child oddity known as Misha, our heroes will set forth on a mission for all humanity. The sinister leaders of assassin Frank Lee will seek… 

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Book III – The City

Tennessee, Angelis, Quintin and Misha are living happily on their secluded island, training new “stars”: people who Misha hopes will lead the world to a better future. Unbeknownst to them, however, a young girl named Alma, possessed by a sinister entity, is plotting to shatter his dreams. A ravaged half… 

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Tennessee A.K.A. Helaxtic

Tennessee Nunez, also known as Tenny, was the first to enter the astral plane known as the desert where he acquired the ability to transform inanimate matter into living beings using his imagination. He is the half brother of Jude.

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Jude A.K.A. Telaxtic

Jude Dante, a street-tough individual who acquired the ability to transform any matter into diamonds which he can then telekinetically control. His ruthless nature makes him a powerful combatant.

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Quintin A.K.A. Cronos

Quintin Koo, a brilliant a math geek who acquired the ability to manipulate matter into any size, shape, and density he wills, making it possible to create new types of elements. Quintin is Tennessee’s best friend.

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Angelis A.K.A. Sing

Angelis Palle, a beautiful college student who acquired the ability to manipulate the colors of all matter and light. She fell for Tenny after discovering his long-time crush on her.

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Michael A.K.A. Misha

Michael Soris, a frail young Russian boy with an ability to bestow others with mental abilities. Misha can read minds, but cannot speak directly to anyone as it causes people to fall into a comatose state. Misha was given his abilities by an entity from a different dimension.

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Alma is a little girl who shares her body with an entity known as Corazon. They jointly have the ability to see from a vast distance, the lives of others, and to mimic their mental abilities. Corazon was created by the same entity that gave Misha his abilities.

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Frank Lee

Frank Lee is a dangerous assassin. He has no supernatural abilities but is an expert in weapons, hand to hand combat, and stealth techniques.